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Shenzhen Calinmeter Co,.LTD
Shenzhen Calinmeter Co,.LTD

the only legal owner of CALIN brand and the sole manufacturer of Calin series utility meters.

Calinmeter reserve the right to pursue any legal remedies from Anyone or entity who claims as the group or affiliation of Calin or distributes Calin meter products without proper authorizations.

  • quality Prepaid Electricity Meters factory
  • quality Prepaid Water Meters factory
  • quality STS Prepaid Meters factory
  • quality Prepaid Gas Meter factory
  • quality 3 Phase Electric Meter factory
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We are good quality supplier of Prepaid Electricity Meters, STS Prepaid Meters, Wireless Electricity Meter from China.

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Shenzhen Keling Meter Co., Ltd. was established on November 6, 2015, and its registered address is at the 6th floor of building a, Qiaode science and Technology Park, No. 7, Guangming high tech park, Tianliao community, Yutang street, Guangming District, Shenzhen.   Business projects are: production of electronic energy meter, intelligen...

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Training Service-- Help you make it on your own   Fundamental course leading to the success of any project is the transfer of skills and knowledge. To this end, Calin is  specialising in providing training courses in all aspects of project operation.   A key benefit of our training is that we have defined several role &nb...

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In the past five years,we sold and commissioned over 200,000 smart meters.We are ISO, STS certified meter company. We not only manufacture but also design for other meter companies in and out of China.We sincerely appreciate for being given this chance introducing our latest technologyand product to cater for your needs. We believe our expertise of...

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Calin, as derived from China League of Innovation, dates back to the year 2006 when our team developed the new generation of CPU card electronic prepaid kilo-watt hour meter for China State Grid. Now there are over 1,000...
As mentioned in company profile, Calin is supplying meter in components, finished products as well as electronic design to other meter manufacturing companies. And Calin has a complete manufacturing facility built with ...
Calin adheres to a strict code of Production Guidelines with ISO9001 Quality Standards and ISO10012 Testing Standards and Analysis methods for all our energy meters. Our Quality Achievements have raised the bar on ...
Address : Floor 6, Bd A6, Qiaode Tech Park,Kelian Rd, Guang Ming District Shenzhen, China
Business Phone :
86-755-23707749(Working time)
Fax : 86-755-23707749
Shenzhen Calinmeter Co,.LTD
Floor 6, Bd A6, Qiaode Tech Park,Kelian Rd, Guang Ming District Shenzhen, China
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